Façoteck Packaging manufactures and packages private brand natural health products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our company provides services for packaging dried and liquid products in the natural health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets. It also offers its expertise and laboratory services.

The company

General Information

Façoteck Packaging specializes in the custom packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and natural health products. Occasionally Façoteck Packaging can package consumer products with dedicated filling systems.

Façoteck packaging can manufacture pharmaceutical, natural and cosmetic products in various types of packaging and different dosage forms.

The company

Façoteck packaging, established in 2005, is proud of its dynamic and competent team ensuring the quality of manufactured products. The activities are controlled through standard operating procedures. All production steps are verified, ensuring compliance and product integrity. Our customers can be assured that the products they receive are of the highest quality, result of work carried out carefully by all members of our team.

Certification: Conscious of the environment, Façoteck Packaging meets the eligibility requirements of Ecocert Canada and is part of a program for sustainable development. Each year, our company receives visits from inspectors to confirm Organic standards are met. Façoteck Packaging is proud of the hard work performed by its employees to obtain the Health Canada license. The implementation of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) was carried out efficiently since the company already fulfilled the majority of requested requirements.


Solid mixing and encapsulation

Equipped with mixers, 2 semi-automatic and 2 "full" automatic encapsulating machines, Façoteck Packaging can according to your specifications, " encapsulate " unique ingredients or mix and " encapsulate " your own formulations.

Our equipment can encapsulate various sizes such as 00, 0, 0EL, 1, 2, 3 and 4 .

Façoteck Packaging is also equipped with a V-blender for powder with a capacity 50 kg to 1500 kg.

Solid bottling

• Bottling of soft gels, tablets and capsules without quantity restrictions by bottle or container size
• Application of labels
• Induction caps or other
• Installing a security seal on the cap
• Inserting a desiccant and cotton wadding
• Printing a lot number and an expiraty date on the label or on the bottle
• Insertion in individual box
• Inserting flyers
• Package grouping

liquid mix

Our manufacturing facilities consists of several double-walled mixing kettles ranging from 30 liters to 2000 liters , all equipped with agitators and homogenizers .


We can manufacture blisters of capsules and tablets according to your specifications –
• Inline printing
• Insertion in individual box

Liquid bottling, tube and sample packs

Our rooms are designed to meet most customer requirements for all sizes of bottles and tubes. We also offer cream or liquid samples.

The finished or bulk products we manufacture and / or pack are:
• Liquid or cream 2 ml and more
• Juice
• Tinctures
• Syrups
• Oils
• Shampoos
• Emulsions
• Gels
• Lotions


We are proud to be the first in north america to offer unicadose filling in 5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml sizes, . Due to its particular style, unicadose differentiates you from other formats with its array of colors.

Advantages of this rigid ampoule:
• unbreakable
• easy to sterilize
• convenient
• easy to carry
• safe
• versatile
• quality

Laboratoire / Formulation

We offer the development of cosmetics, organic and natural health products.

Façoteck packaging offers the following services:

Development of new formulas using natural preservatives, biodegradable products.

Reformulation of existing products (eg replacement of ingredients, adapting formulas to organic standards).


Benoit Fortin BFortin@facoteck.com

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Development director:
Lisa Irving LIrving@facoteck.com

Assistant director production:
Marc-Olivier Désilets

Quality control :
Cinthia Trudeau

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